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Answers to some FAQs regarding the differences between manufacturers, types of systems and suitability 

  • Are solar panels still a worthwhile investment?
    Solar Panels can be a very worthwhile investment depending on your energy consumption. Through well designed deployment of battery and smart controllers it is possible to reduce both your electricity and gas costs providing a significant return on investment. Or, if consumption is low the governments SEG scheme will pay you for exporting what you generate to the national grid. Why not contact us for a free no obligation telephone consultation in which we can assess if solar will provide a useful income in your case.
  • I already have Solar Panels - How can I get a better ROI?
    There are several ways you can increase the value of the return from your existing system. Some require only a small additional investment, others more significant. Why not contact us for a free no obligation telephone consultation.
  • Can I charge an electric Vehicle directly from my Solar Panels?
    Yes this is possible using a smart EV charger. Why not contact us for a free no obligation telephone consultation.
  • Are all Solar Systems equal?
    All solar systems consist of the same primary components just as cars all consist of the same primary components. However, the quality of each of these components has a significant bearing on how much energy they will successfully generate and for how many years. Design and installation practices also have a significant effect on energy produced and years of service. The best-known brands of solar panels and inverters can be hamstrung by poor choice of cable, connectors, switch gear and mounting locations. At Stag solar we select every element of our systems to maximise longevity and our installation work is always of the highest standard.
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