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Why choose SolarEdge?
Product Spec

SolarEdge is the perfect solution for your home solar system. With their DC optimized technology, you can harvest more energy from your solar panels and store more energy in your battery to power appliances, EVs, and provide critical backup during outages.

SolarEdge envision a world where clean, renewable solar energy is the primary source of power for homes, businesses, transportation and just about everywhere we thrive. As a global leader in smart energy solutions, SolarEdge has pioneered a better way to harvest the power of the sun, driving greater energy independence and a brighter future.

SolarEdge Inverter

The ultimate home energy manager in charge of PV production, battery storage, backup operation during a power outage (may require additional hardware), and smart energy devices

• Deliver greater energy production over the system’s lifetime.
• Small, lightweight, and easy to install.
• Simplify installs and commissioning using the SolarEdge SetApp.
• Instil confidence with advanced safety features.
• Increase system capacity by connecting multiple battery modules per inverter.
• Complete solar, storage, and smart energy management solution.
• 12 Year Manufactures Warranty.

SolarEdge Battery

The SolarEdge Home Battery 400V sets new standards for system efficiency, safety, and ease of use - making it an essential part of any SolarEdge residential installation.
• Highly efficient energy storage with up to 94.5% round trip efficiency.
• Any excess PV is stored directly in the battery thanks to our DC coupling technology.
• Designed to work with SolarEdge Home Hub and Wave Inverters – Single Phase for an optimal one-stop-shop solution.
• Multiple batteries stacking per inverter for increased system capacity.
• Flexible installation - wall or floor, indoor or outdoor
• Complete solar, storage, and smart energy management solution.
• 10 Year Manufacturers Warranty

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