Solar monitoring allows real-time information about energy production and consumption, any damage on your solar

system, optimisation of energy use, and more


Solar system monitoring is often missed as part of installation packages as it drives up the overall price and is often deemed to be an unnecessary luxury.

In some cases that may be true but in most cases it isn't. If you were an early adopter of Solar PV and benefit from the generous feed in tariff rates or if you have a larger solar system, a quarter of missed generation during the summer months would likely cost the same as having a monitoring solution that would save you that lost generation while also proving very useful data on system performance.

We can retro fit manufacturer specific monitoring solutions for SolarEdge, SMA, Fronius, ABB, Solis, Huawei and just about any other manufacturer. Just ask us for a fixed price.

Stag Solar is also proud to be a reseller for one of the industry leaders in bespoke solar monitoring solutions Solar-log. Using a third party monitor like Solar-log instead of the original manufacturers solution provides many additional benefits without any compromise in data detail or acquisition and notification. If you change your inverter to a different manufacturer during the lifetime of your system Solar-log can continue to gather data on the new inverter without the need for a replacement monitoring system.


 Especially if you are interested in a battery system now or in the future the best first step is to acquire a system monitor so that you can gather 12 months data on your properties consumption and generation to see if a battery system makes financial sense, or if it could, with additional solar panels and intelligent energy controllers.

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