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As approved Installers for Tesla Powerwall, Victron Energy, SolarEdge and SMA your in good hands with Stag Solar Solutions. We can design and install the perfect battery system for your needs.

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Battery systems can be used in several different ways whether you have solar panels or not.

A battery system can provide back up power if the national grid fails, allowing your heating, lights, internet, TV etc all to continue running until the grid power comes back on.


Or it can be used to charge at times of day when electricity is cheaper to buy from the grid and then used in your property at times when electricity is more costly.


It is possible to use a battery system to do both of these things by choosing a compromise between how much of the battery's capacity you want to use for self consumption and how much you want to keep in reserve in case of power failure.


If you have solar panels or another source of generation a battery system can help you get better utilisation of self-generated electricity. It does this by storing the energy that is generated but not consumed by your property at the time it is being generated. Then it discharges this energy at times when the property does need it, but you are no longer generating (IE night time for solar).


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