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Stag Solar Solutions | Solar PV Installer - Essex
Stag Solar Solutions | Solar PV Installer - Essex
Stag Solar Solutions | Solar PV Installer - Essex
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JinkoSolar’s smart factory quality team makes use of automated checking and analysis devices and is bringing the quality management into a new era. The traditional manual inspection is partially being supplemented by specialized measurement instruments. Whereas previously just a manual check allowed the desired premium quality to be verified.


Today, photometric robots with extremely precise optical sensors can now carry out the required steps. In addition to the functional criteria, the optical measurement devices also focus on visual properties. All components are inspected for micro cracks, hot spot and other surface defects. The QC robots lends its attention to even the finest of details, every little shortcoming is discussed to achieve the best quality. The length of time required to complete a measurement is reduced significantly.

What’s more, it does not just measure individual points; rather it precisely measures the entire surface area. Subsequently, the resulting data derived from this process is then recorded, documented, and shared within the organization simultaneously. Correction data is created if any deviation occurs, and can be used to optimize components at an early phase.

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