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Stag Solar Solutions | Solar PV Installer - Essex
Stag Solar Solutions | Solar PV Installer - Essex
Stag Solar Solutions | Solar PV Installer - Essex
Product Spec

GivEnergy are a British Owned Battery Storage Manufacturer with manufacturing/Research and Development facilities in the UK, Ireland, Australia and Shenzhen China (Shenzhen Givenergy Technology Co., Ltd)

The GivEnergy battery solution is backed and recommended by EON and Octopus Energy suppliers as their prefered battery system manufacturer. This gives us as installers and you as a consumer a great deal of confidence in the GivEnergy battery system and the company behind it. 

10 year product warranties on the batteries and full UK technical support for installers and consumers are both strong selling points for the GivEnergy system. Additionally the GivEnergy app is one of the better developed systems on the market, easy and intuitive to use. 

Additional reasons for buying GivEnergy are:

  • 10 years unlimited cycle guarantee

  • LiFePO4 Cell Technology

  • Active cell balancing

  • Can be Installed alongside other GivEnergy battery packs ( Mix & Match ) - Add more later if and when desired. 

  • Wall mount or floor stood

  • 100% depth of discharge ( Coming Soon )

From their website (

"It has been our vision to create a product that would guarantee that people save on their electricity bills. Whether it's by making the most of our customer's solar panels, or by charging the battery using the off-peak tariff, we can guarantee that the GivEnergy system will deliver exactly what we promise.

Solar helps the environment, but couple this with voltage optimizations and you can maximize your PV efficiency. Further coupling to our AWARD WINNING Energy Storage Systems and you can benefit for all of the daytime excess energy in the evening"

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