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Be Prepared

In this first level, we'll introduce you to our pitch deck philosophy; you’ll set your investment objectives and build a pitch plan. You'll articulate your idea into an 'elevator pitch'; and we’ll cover the fundamentals of your business plan to ensure you have the upfront thinking underway.

Articulate The Problem

Ideas are great, and they become even better when they’re the solution to a BIG problem, especially if no one else has tried to fix it yet. You’ll discover how to identify and articulate the core problem you solve. By the end of this level, you’ll have articulated the problem clearly on one slide.

Get To Know Your Customer

Let’s get to know your customer better than they know themselves! Learn how to approach customer research and segmentation and build your customer personas. At the end of this level, you’ll create the first slide of your pitch deck – representing your target audience and their pain points.

Define The Opportunity

We’ll delve into your market research and define the true opportunity you are chasing. Investors will get excited about a qualified and quantified opportunity that demonstrates growth and scale. At the end of this level, you’ll pare down your research to create your market opportunity slide.

Sell The Solution

You’ll consider how to best showcase your solution. You'll separate what you are providing from why it’s important to your target customers. You’ll identify the core end benefits your customers will enjoy and know how to present your tech or service onto 2-3 slides.

Commercialise It!

With the opportunity, problem and solution clarified, it's time to make some money! We’ll work on articulating your business model and defining your distribution channels. All this pared down into one key slide!

Be A Legal Eagle!

We all know legal ‘stuff’ can be a bit dry and a bit complicated, unless you’re a lawyer, of course! In this short level, you’ll become aware of the legal considerations you need to have in relation to your pitch deck and you’ll develop two key slides that ensure these considerations are covered.

Demonstrate Traction

This is the key slide all investors want to see. Your idea is unique, your problem is qualified, your opportunity is big. Now you need to show investors that you can turn your idea into a viable business. We’ll give you all the knowledge and insights to demonstrate proof of concept.

Standout From The Crowd

Get to know your competition and develop a market positioning that stands you out from the crowd. Identify your advantages and show investors you bring a uniqueness to future-proof your concept. Bring in the best team and advisors and show them off on their very own slide!

Make It Famous!

Acquiring and retaining customers is key to success. You’ll explore your marketing objectives, strategies and tactics and determine how best to acquire and retain your prospective customers.

Do The Maths!

What will it cost to set up and run your business and how much will you make over what time period? Important questions that must be answered before you embark on writing your pitch. We’ll send you in the right direction to gather the numbers you need to get investors interested!

Make Your Pitch!

Every pitch should contain the actual pitch! What do you want from investors and what will they receive in return? In this level, we’ll take a look at 4 components; the ask, the offer, the exit and the use of funds. You’ll learn how to articulate these into your pitch deck.

Top & Tail It!

Like any good story, a pitch deck has a beginning, a middle and an end. In this level, we’ll focus on creating a compelling cover slide and teach you how to finish with a strong call to action!

Ready, Set, Pitch!

In the final level, we’ll help you review your pitch, rehearse and get ready to pitch to a room of investors. You’ll also receive our Pitch UX: a guide to creating a great user experience for your prospective investors!

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